Sheltering your Children from the Internet will do what?

Kids of any age in this time peril had access to the internet almost anywhere they go. There friends have it, schools, pretty much anywhere. The internet contains some things that nobody should see, not adults, not teenagers and especially not kids. So parents try to block websites, and block things they don’t want their kids being exposed to. In reality this might work for a few years, but there is no way to hide the real world fro your kids, no matter how hard you try it will still be there. i mean it only takes one spelling error on a common website to take your child right to an inappropriate site exposing them to everything you didn’t want them seeing. Internet is terrible in that aspect and there should be limits on what can and can’t be posted online. Although microsoft

has come up with ways to block, nothing is 100%.


Going off my recent post…

Although social media can cause us to NOT get the jobs we want, it can also help us if we know what we are doing. We can use social media to find available job openings, whether its through friends or following a business on twitter and noticing they are looking for a well trained professional in a field that you might so happen to be well trained in. If you have manipulated your social media the right way, they might go through and notice how professional you are, or see pictures of you with clients that they might have met or know of. If you can work it to your advantage then do it, because in the long run it will pay off. Even CBS has tips to help use your twitter the RIGHT way!

Social Media Bad for your Potential Job?

We all know that when we apply a job, that employer has all of our information. We have basically surrounded a chunk of our life over to them. They have the right to go through our face books, twitters, instagrams and even  blog sites. So what happens when they find a picture back from when we were in college on our 21’s birthday, maybe not a picture you would be proud to show your grandma. And that one picture makes the employer go “No they don;t have a sense of responsibility, move on to the next applicant.” Although we love our social media, it can fail us in so many ways if we aren’t careful about it. My main point here, is whatever you do, will come back to haunt you no matter how well you think you have hidden it. Even the Huffington Post says to watch your back on social media, because employers are all over that! 

Government in media

The government has found ways to get their points across ad spread news in ways such as twitter, instagram and so many other social media networks. They have finally realized that the only way to keep us updated on the weekly and daily news is by tweeting it. The fact that the world has come to this is a tad bit funny, but we all know that this is the only way we ourselves will keep up with the current news. For instance there is a twitter for the United States Government ( that anybody can follow to stay updated on the most current and honest news.

Technology Effecting the way we think?

I personally feel that the way our world thinks has been completely altered thanks to technology. Technology has made us lazier, stupider, and more needy. We were already lazy and needy to start with but now we have more of an excuse to be this way. We can do almost everything online. We can shop, for clothes and books. We have even gotten to the point where walmart

sells food online and delivers….. We can text and call people instead of directly going to somebody. Its almost pathetic. Technology has made us reach our obesity number as well. People aren’t nearly as active when there is a tv, netflix, computer and video games right in front of them in the comfort of their own house.

Gender Tweets

One thing that I have started to noticed and that has been pointed out by many people is the different ways genders use social media. For instance, females will use twitter, Facebook and Instagram differently than males. We use twitter to complain, Facebook to show off our lives, and Instagram to see who can get the most likes on a picture. Why we do this is beyond me. Males use these things more as connections to the world. They typically tweet less and post less, and do more looking and scrolling. Females also seem to get more followers than men, which nobody can really figure out, according to

Media portrays us how?

The media is known for portraying men and women as flawless and skinny. This has been going on for ages and ages and has always seemed to work. It is shown in ways such as commercials, movies, songs, billboards, etc. However, lately I have not noticed that many things that have advertised this. A while back, Dove, came out with a video in fast forward motion of how they edited a women who looked fairly average into a skinny flawless super model using forms of photoshop. I think this was a great way to show the midi how fake everything can be and maybe even help society deal with our addiction to media.