Swiffer commercials

Currently my favorite commercials out there are the new Swiffer commercials with the old couple, Morty and Lee. The commercial has a 90 year old couple talking about and showing us how cleaning and dusting their house is difficult. They then receive a Swiffer and the remainder of the commercial is about how excited they are about their new Swiffer and how much easier cleaning is for them. I think this represents ethos because it physically shows that the Swiffer can clean better than any other cleaning product. They show examples to help the viewed understand. It shows pathos because the whole commercial is about an elderly couple who are In love, and lets be real, who doesn’t think an old couple still in love is the most precious thing out there. It doesn’t really show logos that well, but one example I can think of would be the commercial explains the product and explains why it holds dust better than any other leading product. new Swiffer commercials


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