Social media in schools

Although many generations above ours can all agree to the fact that they all don’t like social media and what it has come to, they have found ways to work with it. Companies have started to make websites such as Schoology that follow the same layout as Facebook. These websites are used to help the students keep up with due dates and to post assignments and grades. Since the layout and ideas are the same, it is easier for students to get one once a day and check for anything new, verse a student going to open a planner and read what they wrote down. Although it sounds silly, more kids have had better luck and done better in school using these types of websites. I know from my own personal experience using Schoology during highschool that it was much easier to keep up with school work and what was due. It was at the palm of my hand and if I forgot to write something down for homework, it was always online where I could access it.


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