Tech or no tech?

I watched The Great Gatsby today, the movie, and realized how much simpler life used to be. It made life today almost look fake and staged. Watching a movie where every character didn’t have a cell phone accessible with them at all times almost seemed weird. They would have to answer the home phone when it would ring, and wait for whoever they were wanting to call, to call. The way it used to be, with very little of any technology made the people seem more real. They seemed more into what they were doing and their communications with other people seemed healthy and not awkward. Today many people have the problem of hiding behind social media and not knowing how to communicate and act in a real life situation without hiding behind their electronic. I like the old times much better when we were forced to do things on our own instead of have the internet do it all for us. Even this blog, I almost wish we were asked to hand write it to make it more personal.


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