Social Media Bad for your Potential Job?

We all know that when we apply a job, that employer has all of our information. We have basically surrounded a chunk of our life over to them. They have the right to go through our face books, twitters, instagrams and even  blog sites. So what happens when they find a picture back from when we were in college on our 21’s birthday, maybe not a picture you would be proud to show your grandma. And that one picture makes the employer go “No they don;t have a sense of responsibility, move on to the next applicant.” Although we love our social media, it can fail us in so many ways if we aren’t careful about it. My main point here, is whatever you do, will come back to haunt you no matter how well you think you have hidden it. Even the Huffington Post says to watch your back on social media, because employers are all over that! 


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