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Texting and Driving

Texting and driving has become a huge epidemic and needs to be stopped, like now. Although we use our phones during other important tasks, none compare to the danger of using our phones while driving. Our obsession has become way to severe and could possibly destroy our lives. If we cant have a conversation with somebody while texting without being distracted, then what makes us think that we can text and use our phones while driving? There have been so many statistics about distracted driving and it proves that cell phone use is the number one reason for the distractions. In 2010, 3,092 people were killed from texting and driving accidents. Not even that can influence us to stop, that’s how addicted we are to our electronics. 


Texting and using our phones is something that happens everyday all day. We feel the need to always have our phones with us, even when we aren’t texting or talking to anybody. This really takes into play when we are with other human beings and texting a friend while with them. We seem to pay more attention to the friend that isn’t even with us than we do to the people who are psychically with us at the moment. Studies have proven that when we are using our phone half of our attention is focused on the phone and the other half tries to foci on whoever is pyschically with us at the time. Most of us can agree that we are obsessed with our phones. It also becomes rude when we focus our attention to our cell phones. The article explains very well how rude it is to ignore the human with you to text your other friends who are not even with you.

Movie Review

Since we started to talk a little bit about this in class, I wanted to write some sort of review on the movie The Bling Ring. Although everyone did not like it and thought that the bad moral of the story took away from the good parts, I thought it was a very entertaining film, which is what movies should be. It portrayed certain parts of society and it also portrayed a little bit of our own imagination. We all would love to live or even experience that lifestyle at some point which makes it more entertaining. The movie did a good job keeping me on my toes and wondering what is coming next. I found a quote that I really liked, “The members of the Bling Ring introduce us to temptations that any teenager would find hard to resist” because it is so beyond true. This quote came from Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews.

“My children will do it differently”

The phrase “my children will do it differently” is what we all hope for our future family. That they will still have a sense of mind about hand writing things, and using books for research. Sure it would be great if our future children to have that, but lets be real, what are the odds that that can actually happen. Considering how much technology has grown over just the past two years, it can only make us imagine what it will be like in 20 plus years. Our kids will be bathing in technology whether we like it or not. It will be the way of life and books and anything of that matter won’t mean a thing to anyone, as sad as it is, even this website can agree that everything will be different and our worries will increase.


Something I have noticed about how media has changed the ways that we do reviews, is that when we do things such as reviews, and even these blogs, we typically do them on a computer and have to type them. Usually we are given a maximum and minimum on how many words. When we used to do majority of things by hand, we wrote just until we fit our point was across, but now we type until we hit the word count. Usually the word count is available while typing or easy to access, making us not write until we feel complete, but write until our word limit is met. We have been trained to do everything electronically, which includes all these advances that take away from our effort. I don’y have a website to link to this except for Microsoft word, which automatically gives a word count on each document it makes!

The Shallows proving us wrong?

So after starting to read the shallows, I have started to agree more and more with the book. Nicolas Carr is on the right track with how to describe what the internet is doing to us. Reading the book even proves his theory right. I am having a very hard time reading it and actually understanding what I am reading because I haven’t read an actual paper book in god knows how long. The last few books I have read have all been electronic, using websites such as eBook reader. Since the internet provides any book over whatever electronic device we prefer, reading from paper seems to become more and more boring. I have been reading the book, but it is taking me much longer to get through, with constant breaks to check twitter and Facebook to see any new updates. It complete proves Nicolas Carr’s point to be correct, which is almost sad once the realization of it hits you.

Tech or no tech?

I watched The Great Gatsby today, the movie, and realized how much simpler life used to be. It made life today almost look fake and staged. Watching a movie where every character didn’t have a cell phone accessible with them at all times almost seemed weird. They would have to answer the home phone when it would ring, and wait for whoever they were wanting to call, to call. The way it used to be, with very little of any technology made the people seem more real. They seemed more into what they were doing and their communications with other people seemed healthy and not awkward. Today many people have the problem of hiding behind social media and not knowing how to communicate and act in a real life situation without hiding behind their electronic. I like the old times much better when we were forced to do things on our own instead of have the internet do it all for us. Even this blog, I almost wish we were asked to hand write it to make it more personal.